I believe yoga is for everyone and I feel grateful that

I can share the many benefits of yoga and can contribute to making yoga accessible to everyone so we may all experience physical health, mental clarity, emotional stability and well-being.

I have had the good fortune of studying with many experienced and inspiring yoga teachers and masters who have deeply influenced my teaching practice.

I have completed a two year study with Triyoga London with Jean Hall, Mimi Kuo Deemer, Chris Swain, Andrew McGonigle and Carlos Pomeda and I am registered with the British Wheel of Yoga. 

How I started

I first started practising yoga from books in my early twenties and still remember my very first book which I found in the local library called 'Balanced Yoga' by Dr Svami Purna. Later, whilst studying for an MA in bone china design I met an Iyengar teacher who trained with B.K.S. Iyengar in India and this has deeply influenced me. However, my regular practice started after I moved to Oxford in 2007. I am immensly grateful I was able to study with many amazing teachers over the years, among them John Scott, Lucy Crawford, Liz Lark, Emil Wendel, Danny Paradise, David Swenson, Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor and many more.

My personal practice is a tool that allows me to arrive in the present moment and the practice is a form of meditation which allows to cultivate attention and moment to moment mindfulness.

Yoga offers many different tools and techniques such as asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), meditation (bringing the mind into the present moment), nidra (deep relaxation), mantra (sound or set of sounds used to focus the mind), mudra (energetic body seals), bhavana (creative visualisation), study of Sanskrit texts and others. Yoga is a never ending and continuous journey and I remain a student trying to cultivate 'begginner's mind'.

'Know thyself'